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Take Football Season Further with Extenders Multipliers and Splitters

Oct 15, 2012

Fall is finally here, and fall means football! That’s right, it’s time to get your audio visual set up in order so you can enjoy every game day. No matter what kind of television you have or what cable or satellite provide you use, we have something that can improve your picture quality or connectivity. Our high quality audio video extenders multipliers and splitters are designed to expand the reach of your home entertainment.

If your game day ritual has outgrown the living room, or your family has taken over your TV room, you may need to extend your homes cable or satellite network to accommodate another viewing area. By using a splitter or signal amplifier it’s easy to take a television anywhere in your home and maintain keep your passion for the game intact. We have solutions to help you split, share or extend your HDMI and coaxial cable signal, so setting up a new place to watch the game is never a problem.

For individuals who have satellite television we also offer satellite TV multiswitches which allow you to operate additional satellite boxes on your home’s existing satellite system. That’s great news for the growing family or the exiled sports fan.

Make the Most of your New HDTV: Convert your Signal to HDMI

Oct 10, 2012

New high-definition televisions are designed to offer the best picture quality for our viewing entertainment. But how do we make the most of that picture quality? Many people unknowingly connect devices to their television using low quality cables or connectors. This results in a loss of signal quality and can be upsetting to someone who bought a television specifically for its superior image quality.

So how do you make the most of your high definition television even when connecting older components? The answer is simple. Convert your connectors to HDMI. HDMI is the new standard for high definition video and audio connection. It supports full 1080p video transfer ensuring top quality video signal. If you have an older component such as a DVD player that is lacking an HDMI output, you can easily connect it to an HDMI signal conversion box. These boxes are designed to take older analog formats such as composite video, component video, or VGA connections and convert them into a digital HDMI signal.

In order to get the best picture quality we recommend converting the highest quality source signal to HDMI, this would ideally be a component video signal (the red, blue and green connectors). If Component video is not available, you can use the s-video output on your device. If nothing else is available simply use the yellow composite video signal. Remember to connect your red and white RCA stereo connectors to the conversion box as well, since your HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals.

Cable Clean ups 101: Coaxial Cable Connectors for College

Sep 27, 2012

Take out your number two pencils and college ruled notebooks. Class is back in session, which means it’s time to not just work hard, but also play hard. Whether you relax at the end of the day with a new movie, some intense gaming, or your favorite TV show, you need an entertainment system that supports the audio that you need. When it comes to setting up your system, keep it by the books and remember your A, B, C’s.

Coaxial Cable Connectors

  • Awesome Audio
  • Brilliant Clarity and Vibrancy
  • Cables & Connectors

It’s not just about connecting your cables to get that great signal. Everyone in the dorm has brought in their own favorite players, making it one giant, complex home entertainment system. It’s not just the DVR and cable box, there’s also the home computer to bring in the internet and browsing capabilities. A coaxial cable will help clean up the wiring from computer to DVR to TV.

Here’s a few don’ts to help you pass your home entertainment exam.

  • Don’t just neatly wire up your electronics, make sure you pick a coaxial connector that will also insulate, provide a high return loss, and corrosion free life.
  • Don’t pick a TV and forget to secure it with the back mounting hardware.
  • Don’t use frayed cables.
  • Don’t let cables bend sharply and eventually degrade in signal. 

Cables, Monitors & Other TV Tailgating Must Have’s

Sep 21, 2012

Hut, hut! Its football season – are you ready to trick out the tailgating trunk? Whether you need RCA cables, external power cords, or RCA audio cables for surround sound, has you covered. Here’s a few basic set ups we’ve been told are winners.

power strips and extenders

Looking for power?


Use what you have – a generator – to power your television, dish and surround sound system. If there’s a common power source, use an extra long power extender to get more reach and a strip protector so it doesn’t overload. Mount the monitor on a tripod for all to see.


Keep it Simple!

Go old school with a battery, a television monitor and pair of rabbit ears to pick up the local stations. Nothing beats a classic!


Sling the signal!

Tailgaters have been calling in the defense, Slingbox, to bring the live signal from home to a monitor, TV or tablet on the road so a single call is never missed. You can even keep the HD signal.


Just remember to:

  • Test your set up before game day so there’s no fumbling at the tailgate.
  • Have a backup plan for power. We all need a little assist!
  • A lighter power adapter will most likely not sustain power throughout an entire game.
  • Pack up on provisions! It’s a party!

USB Converters Make TV Show Marathons Simple

Sep 13, 2012

Whether you’ve spent hundreds on your personal home entertainment room with surround sound, big screens and reclining chairs, or you have access to the office big screen for presentations, you have one unique opportunity: The Marathon TV Event.

Before the new season of your favorite show begins, hold a marathon of last season to refresh, get caught up, or introduce the new guy in the office to the series.

What you need:

USB converters

  • A large monitor, personal or permission to utilize the office screen. Remember this can be a great team building activity!
  • Last season (at least!) on DVD or an online subscription. See if anyone in the office has online access to the last season of Parks and Recreation or How I Met Your Mother through any of these services:
  • HuluPlus
  • HBO GO
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • A laptop and one of the appropriate USB converters to connect to the big screen.
  • Lots of popcorn and themed snacks!

Which TV shows are you looking forward to returning? We’ve included the premiere dates for some of last season’s big shows:



9/16 at 9pm – Boardwalk Empire

9/30 at 8pm  – Once Upon a Time

9/30 at 9pm – Revenge

9/30 at 9pm – Dexter

10/14 at 9pm  - The Walking Dead


9/24 at 8pm – How I Met Your Mother

9/17 at 8pm – Bones

9/24 at 10pm – Castle


10/2 at 8pm  – Hart of Dixie

10/23 at 9pm  – Happy Endings

10/23 at 9:30pm  – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23


10/3 at 9pm Supernatural

10/17 at 10pm American Horror Story: Asylum

9/26 at 10pm South Park


10/4 at 8pm 30 Rock

10/11 at 8pm The Vampire Diaries

9/27 at 9pm Grey’s Anatomy

9/27 at 9pm Person of Interest

9/20 at 9:30pm Parks and Recreation


10/19 at 8:30pm – Community

9/28 at 9pm – Fringe

9/21 at 10pm – Haven


How to get your AMC Shows without Cutting the Cables

Sep 7, 2012

If you’re a DISH Network or DirecTV subscriber who enjoys a little MadMen, The Walking Dead, or Breaking Bad, you’re probably more than a little frustrated. While it’s not farfegnugen, a pleasurable drive, to getting your favorite shows back on TV we can offer these tips to bidding your time and making your displeasure known.

cable cutting alternatives

Rewatch the Series – Can’t watch your favorite series, but can’t switch providers either? Make your support known by making an oath to keep watching – whether by iTunes, Netflix or DVD until things change. Besides, there’s always the HD, BluRay, and commentary version to watch, right?

Protest in style. Hold a huge viewing of your favorite AMC show in your fully outfitted entertainment room. Have everyone who attends sign a video petition by recording a message to send to the networks as to why you miss your favorite AMC shows. 

Drop the TIVO – One reason that cable companies are squabbling over the rights to air popular shows and stations is the lack of advertising when people don’t even see the commercials. Give the commercials a chance to help out MadMen. If you’re still a video cable junkie and gotta have your shows taped, just promise to not skip the commercials.

Join the Mass Protests – From zombie hoards in New York City to video spoofs there are thousands out there ready to protest with you!

There’s no need to cut the video cables and take to pirating, hold out there! is waiting for the return of vintage ad men, zombie attacks and with you!

HDMI Uncensored: Triangle Cables Read of the Month!

Aug 27, 2012

HDMI couplers
Whether you’re an end-consumer or project lead, HDMI connections are often confusing and downright complex. Confusion is unfortunate since HDMI applications have radically altered the home/office/security/entertainment interface. Connections are possible in ways you only dreamed about a few short years ago, but making the connections requires a lot more than an HDMI coupler or two.

President of DPL Labs Jeffrey Boccaccio brings HDMI to a level anyone can understand it with the help of Derek R. Flickinger from Interactive Homes, Inc. in “HDMI Uncensored.” You’ll soon have your colleagues and clients impressed with your ease of speech on the mysterious applications of HDMI female to female connections, CEC, TMDS functionality, EDID, HEAC attributes, and the entire reasoning behind the analog to HDMI switch.

If it sounds intense, end-use readers need not be concerned. Boccaccio writes for the layman even while introducing new terms and commands. Even if you’ve previously confused an HDMI coupler, for a Chinese finger trap, you’ll catch on fast and have fun doing it. When you are ready to take integration to the next level, unlock the secrets of HDMI female to female and other strange interactions take a read through “HDMI Uncensored.” We sure have enjoyed it!


Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector: Just What is a BNC Connector?

Aug 23, 2012


Whether you are a ham radio operator or establishing a closed-circuit video surveillance system, chances are your wiring needs go further than the reach of standard coaxial cables. A BNC connector is useful in any analog communication and audio-video networking application. As a replacement for traditional coaxial connectors, the Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector allows a wider frequency range with degradation of signal and is a standard choice for cable termination.

bnc coupler

The benefit of a tighter connection makes BNC connectors a good choice in other applications with more exacting needs. High-tech video networks benefit from their use. Other applications include testing equipment for electronics, commercial and military aviation electronics, and serial analog interface.

The primary difference between BNC and other connectors is the tightness of connection. Instead of providing a cross-sections of wire, BNC uses a pin to enter the conducting wire for maximum area. The external ring locks into place with a quarter turn. A more recent version of the connector is threaded for attachment and deeper penetration, which extends frequency capacity above 3 Gigahertz.

Establishing a network requires the best equipment. You don’t want to lose power due to sub-standard connectors. The BNC connector is graded for most coaxial cables under 500 volts.

How to Diagnose an Internal Jack Problem

Aug 20, 2012

Diagnosing an internal phone problem is not easy, but there is a method for isolating damaged equipment. 

phone line splitter

Most problems can be fixed on your own with significant savings, but first you must determine whether the problem is in fact yours to fix. Take a working phone to the phone line jack located in the company’s gray box outside the structure. If it doesn’t work, contact the phone company for repairs on their end.

If it does work, it’s time to isolate the problem to a specific jack, phone line splitter, or phone cables. Is every phone out of service? If so, this suggests a problem in the wiring. If only one phone is effected, try a different one in the outlet. If this works, the problem is with the phone, and the phone cable is likely to blame.

If the problem is specific to the jack, remove the phone line splitter or other equipment to isolate only the jack. Damage is far more likely with splitters and exposed wiring. Hidden wiring is difficult to replace without help. If you can’t identify the problem, and the phone attached to the phone line jack works, it is necessary to contact a professional.


How to Make your HDMI Couplers and Cables Purchase

Aug 9, 2012

The rapid rate of technological advances in both video and sound makes amazing things possible with home theaters. These advances come at a cost. It is often difficult to find the right connections and interfaces for different brands. A few standards do exist, such as HDMI. For high-definition applications, you need HDMI cables, and an HDMI coupler comes in handy in many situations.

With only one standard and many retailers, some try to make their cables sound better than others. Also, many cables and HDMI female to female couplers are made overseas, which leads to misleading descriptions of the product. 

hdmi cables and couplers

Follow these two basic rules when purchasing cables for your system.

Backward Compatibility

HDMI cables are all compatible with older high-definition equipment. This means that purchasing newer cables provides increased and longer-lasting compatibility. Standard HDMI is perfect for most applications. If you are pushing the pixels necessary for streaming BluRay, you’ll need a high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet.

Avoid Gimmicks

Cables cannot be infected with a virus or parasite. A cable really is a cable. Standard cables will not lose bandwidth over an HDMI female to female coupler, so you don’t need high-speed cables for standard applications. You may need an HDMI coupler to extend reach, but bandwidth of existing equipment is the only variable worth considering.




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