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Home Theater Trends to Watch for 2010

Dec 29, 2009

2009 was a big year for advances in technology, especially when it came to finding better, faster, more efficient ways to deliver data, however, this coming year, look to the home theater to see things progress in leaps and bounds. Keep in mind some of these key trends in home theater for the upcoming year:

HDMI 1.4

This standard has dramatically improved since its introduction and we only expect for it to become a whole lot better. Some improvements that are rumored include support for smaller jack sizes, expanded resolution, 3D capabilities, bidirectional audio, and built-in support for network sharing.

More Internet-delivery

Blue-ray has changed the way we watch DVDs, but one of the best parts of that technology is that most Blu-ray players have the ability to access online video and audio services like Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Youtube, and Pandora. Expect to see more of that on more and more devices that roll out. Plus, keep your eyes out for more widgets and “apps” in your TV and receivers.


There’s more 3D films rolling out in theaters, so keep that in mind when you look at home theater supplies in 2010. We think that there’s going to be a big boost in 3D TV products, however expect some roughness. There’s not a ton of 3D content out there, you’re still going to need special glasses, and finding compatible devices at first may be tough.

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