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Spreading the Word About HDTVSpace

Aug 10, 2009


When it comes to today’s technology and the ever-changing, fast paced world of it all, it’s sometimes hard to even follow. Well, over at HDTVSpace they provide articles on the happenings in the tech world, from television and audio news to notebook and PC information. They cover all aspects of technology and they do it well.

Nils, founder of HDTVSpace , recently attended the EuroITV conference and presented his, along with a former professor’s, research on the standardization of UHDTV to HDTV. He’s been kind enough to include a download of his paper and slide show presentation, in the post titled, The History and Future of HDTV at EuroITV2009 .

We were glad we were able to connect with such a resourceful site. Make sure to check out HDTVSpace and tell them we said hello!

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