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Connect Up To 4 Computers to a Single Device with a USB Auto Sharing Switch

May 31, 2013

USB auto sharing switchWouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to keep unplugging a USB device so you could hook it up to another computer? The USB Auto Sharing Switch is the solution for your multi-computer USB problems. Available in either 2 port or 4 port models, the USB sharing switch allows for up to four computers to share the same USB 2.0 device without you having to re-connect any cables.

The USB Auto Sharing Switch is compatible with PCs, Macs, and Linux-based computers and comes equipped with all the software and cables you need to set up the unit. An LED light monitors each port’s status and you can easily toggle between devices by hotkey, mouse, or push button controls.

Now, you can share the information on an external drive with your co-workers, or use one scanner for all of the computers in the office. Your family can all share one printer or one camera without having to fumble with cables. Just have each family member plug their laptop or computer into the auto sharing switch and they’re ready to go.

Stop fumbling with cables and searching for USB ports and start enjoying your computing experience with the USB Auto Sharing Switch.

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