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The XLR Microphone Cable: Not Only For Musicians Anymore

May 17, 2013

XLR cableThe XLR Microphone Cable has been a staple of the music industry for many years. But as audio technology continues to become more sophisticated, the XLR cable has become an integral component of a high grade computer system. There’s no doubting that if you’re recording music with your computer or a small studio set-up, that XLR cables can be very beneficial to your efforts. But XLR also has a variety of other uses, and you may be surprised to learn that you should be incorporating XLR into your hobby or profession.

If you’re a filmmaker or video production company struggling with audio quality from your camera’s microphone, it’s time for an upgrade. Professional film and television crews use recording equipment with XLR cables as the standard audio carrier. Investing in XLR cables brings you up to industry standards and dramatically increases the audio quality of your productions. XLR interfaces allow you to transfer your high-quality audio data to your computer system for editing and integration with your existing project.  You can also use XLRs for one of the more recent trends in digital media–podcasting.  For the highest quality recordings, an audio setup with XLR cables is mandatory.

Whatever your audio needs in the digital world, XLR Microphone Cable is still the standard for high-quality recording. So grab that guitar, that microphone, or that camera and start capturing better-sounding memories today.

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