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Keep your iPad or iPhone Charged with an Apple Lightning Cable

Apr 30, 2013

apple lightning cableWith so much technology these days it can be a pain trying to keep your devices fully charged and working properly. With so many different chargers and cables it can be a headache trying to keep them straight. If you have an Apple device like the new iPad or iPhone 5, you probably noticed the distinct change in the charging cable. These new devices use the Apple Lightning Cable to connect to the computer or to charge. For those who owned previous versions of iPhones, iPads or iPods, the old charging cables are no longer useful.

At Triangle Cables we offer the new Apple Lightning Cable that is compatible with the latest devices. It’s helpful to keep one of these cables at work, at home, in your bag or purse, and anywhere else you may need to charge your battery. Having multiple cables makes it easy to ensure your device is always fully charged no matter where you are.

Triangle cables can help you with all your cable needs. We have Apple compatible cables for computers and hand held devices. No matter what you need to charge, we have the cable for you.

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