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AV Wall Plates Help Create the Perfect Man Cave

Apr 5, 2013

Mancave TVIf you’re on a quest to build the perfect man cave, entertainment should be your top priority. There is nothing like having the perfect home theatre set up to watch the game with your friends while having a few beers. When it comes to home theatre installation there are many things to keep in mind. One of the most overlooked aspects of many do it yourself home theatre set ups is maintaining a clean professional look.

Just because you’re designing and building your own home entertainment area doesn’t mean it can’t look like a professional job. Taking special care to conceal wires and build in areas to house your audio video components is the difference between a great looking installation and a sloppy one. Simple tools like AV wall plates can transform a messy media area into a home theatre that is sure to impress anyone.

Before you start your home theatre installation you should have a good idea of your layout. You need to know where your audio video components, how they will fit, how long your cables need to be to connect things together, and so on.  Building out from an existing wall to create a void of space to house your components and cables will ensure a clean look. This can also create a dramatic framing element for your high definition television and keep your electronics out of harm’s way.

Using AV wall plates allows you to hide cables behind walls and keep connections close to the components themselves. This means that only short cables are needed to run from the device to the wall plate. It is perfect for wall mounted TVs or satellite speakers that may be far away from the audio system.  

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