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Help Dad Refresh His Office with Office Supplies

Jun 18, 2009

office supplies

Father’s Day is this weekend and we’re looking to help you give Dad something he can really use this year. Instead of giving him another tie or a set of cuff links, get him something that he can really benefit from. Restock his home office with the essentials he needs to get his work done – without having to make a run to the local office supply store. This useful and thoughtful approach to gifting is sure to delight any busy Dad and at, we want you to complete this office supply checklist:

Printer Paper

Check Dad’s printer and be sure that you have the right kinds of paper for what he needs. As an extra special touch, invest in some high quality resume paper as well.

Ink Cartridges

To compliment just about any HP Inkjet printer, offers fabulous deals and a great selection of HP Inkjet Cartridges that are perfect for refreshing Dad’s supply.


A good pen set is a great gift for any Dad. Check through his drawers to see what types of ink or pens he prefers.

Organization Supplies

Folders, trays, pencil cups, and organizers are all great ideas for getting Dad’s office into tip top shape.

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