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Find the perfect Blu-Ray Accessories

Mar 25, 2013

HDMI CablesSo you’ve got a great HDTV and a brand new Blu-Ray player and you’re ready for high quality entertainment. Before you get everything connected, here are a few accessories that could make your life simpler, or your entertainment experience even better.


In order to get the best picture and sound quality from your Blu-Ray player you’ll need to use a quality HDMI cable to connect the player to your high definition TV. These cables come in a variety of lengths to accommodate various installation applications.


If your high definition TV only has one or two HDMI inputs and you have multiple HDMI devices to connect, don’t resort to using lower quality inputs to connect your devices. With an HDMI switch you can connect multiple HDMI devices into a single switchbox that will only use one of your televisions HDMI inputs. Once your devices are all connected through the HDMI switcher you can easily choose which device you want to watch by changing input channels on the switch box.


If you need to send your HDMI signal a long way you will need to amplify it so the signal does not degrade. You can send your digital audio and video signals through cat6 network cables or over wifi to devices in other parts of your home or business. Check out our selection of HDMI amplifiers and extenders to find the right solution for you.

Port savers

When connecting an HDMI cable to a wall mounted television that has rear mounted ports, it can be difficult to get plugs in and out. Kinking cables at a 90 degree angle also damages plug ends by putting stress on the cable and the ports. That’s why we carry port savers adapters to alleviate this stress. By turning your inputs 90 degrees cables and easily plug without creating any undue stress

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