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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About HDMI Cables

Mar 19, 2013

HDMI LogoHDMI cables are becoming the most common audio visual cables on the market today, but what makes them so special? This blog takes a look at some of the features of HDMI cables and what makes them so popular with today’s electronics.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables are a relatively new addition to the world of audio video cables. They were originally designed in December 2002 and have been available since late 2003. Recently the cable celebrated its 10th anniversary, with over 3 billion devices using it as the standard connection.

What makes the HDMI cable unique is that it can carry uncompressed video and audio data between devices. In the past separate cables were needed to carry video and audio signals. This cable not only allows the transfer of both, but it does so without needing to compress or convert the signal. This means that the best picture and sound quality can be maintained between devices.

HDMI cables are also backward-compatible with DVI connections. The older DVI standard was also used to carry digital video signal. HDMI cables can interface with DVI ports through the use of a connector, but the video feed does not require any signal conversion. Images can easily be transferred without loss of quality.

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