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Choosing an HDTV and Cables for a Porch Installation

Mar 4, 2013

outdoor patio areaWith warmer weather on its way, this is the time of year when people begin tidying up and prepping yards and porches for outdoor fun. For some people getting a back porch ready for the spring and summer seasons involves cleaning, setting up furniture, or even putting screens into porch windows. The new trend over the last year or two has been installing flat panel HDTVs on porches or covered outdoor seating areas.

Not every HDTV is designed for outdoor use. It’s important to consider some key factors when choosing the right TV for the job. Older LCD televisions can be negatively affected by temperature changes or exposure to moisture. Newer LED LCD televisions tend to be more resilient when it comes to porch use. It should be noted that these HDTVs are still susceptible to moisture damage, so installation should be limited to four season porches that offer full coverage from the elements.

Special water resistant HDTVs are also available on the market for installations where serious humidity would otherwise damage a TV. These televisions can be installed on open porches where they are shielded from direct rain but still exposed to ambient outdoor humidity. When paired with a durable HDMI cable an HDMI port saver can help angle your cable for clean wall mounting. This can also keep the cable from breaking down over time due to strain on the plug end.

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