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The Power of Digital Coaxial Audio Cables

Feb 27, 2013

digital coaxial cableIf you’re still using the red and white RCA stereo connectors to send audio signals between your audio visual components then you should pay attention. There is a better way to transfer audio signals to and from today’s digital devices. A digital coaxial audio cable is a one plug solution that can improve your sound quality and broaden your audio horizons.

Digital coaxial cables look similar to the traditional RCA audio cables because they have the same RCA connector on the end. The most obvious difference is that there is only one signal cable instead of two. Don’t be fooled, unlike the old days where 2 separate signal cables were needed to transfer the left and right audio channel, a digital coaxial cable can send both signals on the same cable. In fact, digital coaxial cables support stereo audio as well as DTS and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. That means more connection options with a single cable.

In addition to connection options, these cables have a much higher bandwidth than their traditional analog RCA cables cousins. That translates to better signal transfer and bigger sound. These cables offer the best data transfer of digital audio signals making them perfect for connecting home theatre systems, MP3 player docking stations, and more.

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