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Save your Old Devices with USB Converters

Feb 18, 2013

Computer IdeasThe evolution of technology is inevitable. These days it seems like computers and peripherals are practically obsolete by the time you get them out of the store. For some people it can be hard to say goodbye to a favorite printer, mouse or monitor when a computer is upgraded. As the technologies evolve newer machines have different port configurations forcing people to upgrade components and change their ways.

At Triangle cables we understand the frustration this can cause, and we want to help. By offering a full line of USB converters we can help you get your connectivity back. By converting your old device connections to USB you can plug them into newer computers that lack the old ports. This is great news for people who don’t want to see their favorite peripheral find its way to the trash heap.

Whether you have an old printer that uses an IEEE 1284 connector, and old mouse that uses a PS/2 connector or an old joystick that uses the DB15 game port connector, Triangle Cables has a USB converter that can keep you connected. Check out our selection of USB converters today and bring back your favorite computer accessories.

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