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Tips For Switching To Digital TV

Jun 11, 2009


Tomorrow, all of the full-power television stations around that nation will stop their analog broadcasts in order to switch to digital. Of the country’s nearly 1,800 broadcasters, 756 stations have already made the transition, but about 3.5 million households aren’t ready yet. If you’re one of the TV watchers who still needs to prepare for Friday’s deadline, don’t worry. Here are a few tips to get you set up and running in no time.

Make Sure Your TV Isn’t Digital Already

Check your television for any labels or markings that indicate that it contains a digital tuner. Statements to look for include: "Integrated Digital Tuner," "Digital Receiver," "DTV," ATSC" or "HDTV." Televisions that are 25 inches or larger or were purchased since 2005 are more likely to have a digital tuner already. If you’re confused, check your owners manual.
If You Have Analog, Evaluate Your Options

If you already have cable or satellite, you’re fine for the transition. However, if you get your TV through rooftop antennas or rabbit ears, then you’ll have to upgrade using a digital-to-analog converter box or you could spring for a new TV, cable, or satellite.

When You Upgrade, Recycle

Electronic products are the largest source of lead in municipal solid waste, according to Consumers Union. If older analog sets still work in your home, consider using them for videos, DVDs or gaming. If you must toss them out, check whether your municipality offers electronic waste recycling programs.

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