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Choosing and Connecting a Wireless Network Router

Feb 4, 2013

Connecting a Wireless RouterLike most people these days you may have multiple devices that utilize an internet connection. More often than not these devices are not wired directly into an Ethernet plug. Devices like smartphones, tablets, game consoles and internet ready televisions can all use a wireless signal to connect to the internet. This makes finding the right wireless router a challenge. You need to find something that will handle your homes unique demands for wireless data sharing.

For homes with high demand for wireless signal it may be a good idea to choose a multiband wireless router. These routers broadcast multiple wireless frequencies so your home electronics don’t have to compete for a connection. Typically these routers use a 2.4ghz and 5.1ghz signal to connect to your wireless devices. While the 2.4ghz signal travels farther, the 5.1ghz signal is less susceptible to signal interference from other household items like cordless phones or microwaves.

For homes with fewer wireless devices a single channel router would be sufficient. Once you’ve selected the best wireless router for your home, all you need to do is connect it. Simply connect a Cat6 patch cable from your broadband modem to the wireless router’s WAN port and you should be on your way to wireless internet connectivity.

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