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Expand your Home entertainment with HDMI Wall Plates

Jan 31, 2013

HDMI WallplateIf you’re building or remodeling a home, consider installing HDMI wall plates in areas where you will install televisions. Wall plates are a great way to conceal wiring inside walls for clean and professional installations of wall mounted televisions. HDMI wall plates can also be used to connect different areas of the house to the same signal source. For example, if you have a Blu-ray player in one room that is connected to a wall plate, that plate can be wired to a plate in another room where you can connect a television and receive the Blu-ray signal.

HDMI wall plates are also a practical solution for bars or restaurants which often have several televisions running simultaneously. The wiring for the elaborate entertainment system can easily be concealed within the walls to prevent patrons from accidentally disconnecting anything.  Not only does this mean other patrons can enjoy uninterrupted television broadcasts, but it also prevents accidental damage to your audio visual equipment.

The best part about using HDMI cables to connect your audio visual equipment is that it provides a high quality video signal that meets high definition standards. The HDMI cable also carries both audio and video signal, so there is no need to mess with multiple wires to connect your devices, a single cable will do it all. When installed next to a power outlet an HDMI wall plate is a practical choice for simple TV installations.

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