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Replacement AC Power Cords

Jan 18, 2013

AC Power CableCables are often the first thing to go bad on an electronic device. Because cables often move and bend they have a tendency to pull or break on the inside, a signal can no longer transfer through the line. This can be very frustrating and if the bad cable goes undetected it can ultimately lead to electronic devices being thrown away prematurely. That’s why Triangle Cables carries replacement AC power cords!

By replacing the AC power cord of an electronic device you can often fix the problem of what appears to be a broken device that will not power up. These cables are also perfect for buying second hand items that may be missing their original cables, such as computers, stereos or game consoles. Often items that are missing their original cables are discounted, making them a great buy if you can find replacement cables.

In addition to replacement power cords, Triangle Cables also offers power cables extensions and adaptors. These extensions and adaptors are compatible with a variety of electronic devices. So next time you have an electronic device that is not powering up, or is intermittently powering down, check your power cable for signs of wear or damage. A replacement AC power cord may be all you need to get things working again.

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