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Protect your Network from EMI with Shielded Network Cables

Jan 10, 2013

Shielded Cat6 Network CableYou may be asking yourself, “what the heck is EMI and why should I be worried about it?” That’s a good question–and exactly what we will be discussing in today’s blog post! EMI stands for ElectroMagnetic Interference, and it is a major culprit in the loss of audio visual and communications fidelity. Electromagnetic Interference is created either by electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation. In both cases the EMI will have a negative effect on the performance of the circuit. It may cause signal interruption, or introduce static noise to a line. In the case of a television or audio devise this may result in audio visual static. In the case of a home network it may result in a loss of signal speed or strength. That’s why we recommend using shielded network cables for home network installations.

Using a shielded network cable offers protection against EMI. By adding in a thin layer of shielding it prevents the cables from acting like an antenna and drawing in EMI from surrounding devices. This means the signal is preserved and the communication speed is unaffected by any interference. Replacing old network cables with shielded models is a great way to ensure you home network is operating with maximum effectiveness.  Shop today to find Cat6 shielded network cables today!

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