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Cable Management Saves you Stress

Nov 30, 2012

Whether it’s a home network or facility wiring operation, cable management is just good practice. If you’re currently facing a mound of cables and the potential for upgrades in the near future, you are already aware of one benefit for the management of network cables. A number of products are available to help with organization, including the wire management panel, but you should first understand the importance.

Organization Benefits
Management of your network cables is the extension of organization into what is too often a haphazard and confusing mess. Management generally refers to support of cables along transmission routes. Without support, the end result is cable spaghetti and a headache for anyone attempting to update a particular connection, diagnose network problems or ensure cable compliance with maximum bend radius.

A couple of notable problems result from disorganized cables. It’s possible for a pull along one cable to cause disconnection with others. Diagnosing a problem with one device could be as simple as a unplugged cable, but you’ll have a difficult time figuring this out. Another problem is interference when data cables wrap around power cables. A wire management panel and other cable management devices can prevent a lot of frustration.

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