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Cat 6 Ethernet Cable can Speed Up Your Network

Nov 20, 2012

Category 5 and 5e Ethernet cables are still the most popular for new and existing networks, but more designers are incorporating the newer category 6 cable. What are the advantages of this cable? Is it worth the investment for your network?

Benefits of Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
A cat 5 or 5e cable is structured as eight wires twisted together to make four pairs. Cat 6 cables have the same basic design, but they include separators between the pairs. The result is almost double the speed of information transfer, which in turn makes Gigabit networks possible.

A faster network is always desirable, but a Gigabit network requires more than appropriate cables. Every component of the network must be rated for Gigabit speed, or you will lose out on performance. Consider the cost difference and network needs when selecting a category 6 cable.

If you are expanding a current network or updating it piece by piece, cat 6 cables are the best choice. They are backward compatible and pose no problem on older networks. The primary benefit is that as other components are updated, you’ll see immediate performance gains. The cat 6 Ethernet cable is a solid choice for all network types.

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