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Take Football Season Further with Extenders Multipliers and Splitters

Oct 15, 2012

Fall is finally here, and fall means football! That’s right, it’s time to get your audio visual set up in order so you can enjoy every game day. No matter what kind of television you have or what cable or satellite provide you use, we have something that can improve your picture quality or connectivity. Our high quality audio video extenders multipliers and splitters are designed to expand the reach of your home entertainment.

If your game day ritual has outgrown the living room, or your family has taken over your TV room, you may need to extend your homes cable or satellite network to accommodate another viewing area. By using a splitter or signal amplifier it’s easy to take a television anywhere in your home and maintain keep your passion for the game intact. We have solutions to help you split, share or extend your HDMI and coaxial cable signal, so setting up a new place to watch the game is never a problem.

For individuals who have satellite television we also offer satellite TV multiswitches which allow you to operate additional satellite boxes on your home’s existing satellite system. That’s great news for the growing family or the exiled sports fan.

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