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Make the Most of your New HDTV: Convert your Signal to HDMI

Oct 10, 2012

New high-definition televisions are designed to offer the best picture quality for our viewing entertainment. But how do we make the most of that picture quality? Many people unknowingly connect devices to their television using low quality cables or connectors. This results in a loss of signal quality and can be upsetting to someone who bought a television specifically for its superior image quality.

So how do you make the most of your high definition television even when connecting older components? The answer is simple. Convert your connectors to HDMI. HDMI is the new standard for high definition video and audio connection. It supports full 1080p video transfer ensuring top quality video signal. If you have an older component such as a DVD player that is lacking an HDMI output, you can easily connect it to an HDMI signal conversion box. These boxes are designed to take older analog formats such as composite video, component video, or VGA connections and convert them into a digital HDMI signal.

In order to get the best picture quality we recommend converting the highest quality source signal to HDMI, this would ideally be a component video signal (the red, blue and green connectors). If Component video is not available, you can use the s-video output on your device. If nothing else is available simply use the yellow composite video signal. Remember to connect your red and white RCA stereo connectors to the conversion box as well, since your HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals.

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