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Cables, Monitors & Other TV Tailgating Must Have’s

Sep 21, 2012

Hut, hut! Its football season – are you ready to trick out the tailgating trunk? Whether you need RCA cables, external power cords, or RCA audio cables for surround sound, has you covered. Here’s a few basic set ups we’ve been told are winners.

power strips and extenders

Looking for power?


Use what you have – a generator – to power your television, dish and surround sound system. If there’s a common power source, use an extra long power extender to get more reach and a strip protector so it doesn’t overload. Mount the monitor on a tripod for all to see.


Keep it Simple!

Go old school with a battery, a television monitor and pair of rabbit ears to pick up the local stations. Nothing beats a classic!


Sling the signal!

Tailgaters have been calling in the defense, Slingbox, to bring the live signal from home to a monitor, TV or tablet on the road so a single call is never missed. You can even keep the HD signal.


Just remember to:

  • Test your set up before game day so there’s no fumbling at the tailgate.
  • Have a backup plan for power. We all need a little assist!
  • A lighter power adapter will most likely not sustain power throughout an entire game.
  • Pack up on provisions! It’s a party!

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