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USB Converters Make TV Show Marathons Simple

Sep 13, 2012

Whether you’ve spent hundreds on your personal home entertainment room with surround sound, big screens and reclining chairs, or you have access to the office big screen for presentations, you have one unique opportunity: The Marathon TV Event.

Before the new season of your favorite show begins, hold a marathon of last season to refresh, get caught up, or introduce the new guy in the office to the series.

What you need:

USB converters

  • A large monitor, personal or permission to utilize the office screen. Remember this can be a great team building activity!
  • Last season (at least!) on DVD or an online subscription. See if anyone in the office has online access to the last season of Parks and Recreation or How I Met Your Mother through any of these services:
  • HuluPlus
  • HBO GO
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • A laptop and one of the appropriate USB converters to connect to the big screen.
  • Lots of popcorn and themed snacks!

Which TV shows are you looking forward to returning? We’ve included the premiere dates for some of last season’s big shows:



9/16 at 9pm – Boardwalk Empire

9/30 at 8pm  – Once Upon a Time

9/30 at 9pm – Revenge

9/30 at 9pm – Dexter

10/14 at 9pm  - The Walking Dead


9/24 at 8pm – How I Met Your Mother

9/17 at 8pm – Bones

9/24 at 10pm – Castle


10/2 at 8pm  – Hart of Dixie

10/23 at 9pm  – Happy Endings

10/23 at 9:30pm  – Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23


10/3 at 9pm Supernatural

10/17 at 10pm American Horror Story: Asylum

9/26 at 10pm South Park


10/4 at 8pm 30 Rock

10/11 at 8pm The Vampire Diaries

9/27 at 9pm Grey’s Anatomy

9/27 at 9pm Person of Interest

9/20 at 9:30pm Parks and Recreation


10/19 at 8:30pm – Community

9/28 at 9pm – Fringe

9/21 at 10pm – Haven


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