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How to get your AMC Shows without Cutting the Cables

Sep 7, 2012

If you’re a DISH Network or DirecTV subscriber who enjoys a little MadMen, The Walking Dead, or Breaking Bad, you’re probably more than a little frustrated. While it’s not farfegnugen, a pleasurable drive, to getting your favorite shows back on TV we can offer these tips to bidding your time and making your displeasure known.

cable cutting alternatives

Rewatch the Series – Can’t watch your favorite series, but can’t switch providers either? Make your support known by making an oath to keep watching – whether by iTunes, Netflix or DVD until things change. Besides, there’s always the HD, BluRay, and commentary version to watch, right?

Protest in style. Hold a huge viewing of your favorite AMC show in your fully outfitted entertainment room. Have everyone who attends sign a video petition by recording a message to send to the networks as to why you miss your favorite AMC shows. 

Drop the TIVO – One reason that cable companies are squabbling over the rights to air popular shows and stations is the lack of advertising when people don’t even see the commercials. Give the commercials a chance to help out MadMen. If you’re still a video cable junkie and gotta have your shows taped, just promise to not skip the commercials.

Join the Mass Protests – From zombie hoards in New York City to video spoofs there are thousands out there ready to protest with you!

There’s no need to cut the video cables and take to pirating, hold out there! is waiting for the return of vintage ad men, zombie attacks and with you!

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