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HDMI Uncensored: Triangle Cables Read of the Month!

Aug 27, 2012

HDMI couplers
Whether you’re an end-consumer or project lead, HDMI connections are often confusing and downright complex. Confusion is unfortunate since HDMI applications have radically altered the home/office/security/entertainment interface. Connections are possible in ways you only dreamed about a few short years ago, but making the connections requires a lot more than an HDMI coupler or two.

President of DPL Labs Jeffrey Boccaccio brings HDMI to a level anyone can understand it with the help of Derek R. Flickinger from Interactive Homes, Inc. in “HDMI Uncensored.” You’ll soon have your colleagues and clients impressed with your ease of speech on the mysterious applications of HDMI female to female connections, CEC, TMDS functionality, EDID, HEAC attributes, and the entire reasoning behind the analog to HDMI switch.

If it sounds intense, end-use readers need not be concerned. Boccaccio writes for the layman even while introducing new terms and commands. Even if you’ve previously confused an HDMI coupler, for a Chinese finger trap, you’ll catch on fast and have fun doing it. When you are ready to take integration to the next level, unlock the secrets of HDMI female to female and other strange interactions take a read through “HDMI Uncensored.” We sure have enjoyed it!


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