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Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector: Just What is a BNC Connector?

Aug 23, 2012


Whether you are a ham radio operator or establishing a closed-circuit video surveillance system, chances are your wiring needs go further than the reach of standard coaxial cables. A BNC connector is useful in any analog communication and audio-video networking application. As a replacement for traditional coaxial connectors, the Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector allows a wider frequency range with degradation of signal and is a standard choice for cable termination.

bnc coupler

The benefit of a tighter connection makes BNC connectors a good choice in other applications with more exacting needs. High-tech video networks benefit from their use. Other applications include testing equipment for electronics, commercial and military aviation electronics, and serial analog interface.

The primary difference between BNC and other connectors is the tightness of connection. Instead of providing a cross-sections of wire, BNC uses a pin to enter the conducting wire for maximum area. The external ring locks into place with a quarter turn. A more recent version of the connector is threaded for attachment and deeper penetration, which extends frequency capacity above 3 Gigahertz.

Establishing a network requires the best equipment. You don’t want to lose power due to sub-standard connectors. The BNC connector is graded for most coaxial cables under 500 volts.

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