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How to Diagnose an Internal Jack Problem

Aug 20, 2012

Diagnosing an internal phone problem is not easy, but there is a method for isolating damaged equipment. 

phone line splitter

Most problems can be fixed on your own with significant savings, but first you must determine whether the problem is in fact yours to fix. Take a working phone to the phone line jack located in the company’s gray box outside the structure. If it doesn’t work, contact the phone company for repairs on their end.

If it does work, it’s time to isolate the problem to a specific jack, phone line splitter, or phone cables. Is every phone out of service? If so, this suggests a problem in the wiring. If only one phone is effected, try a different one in the outlet. If this works, the problem is with the phone, and the phone cable is likely to blame.

If the problem is specific to the jack, remove the phone line splitter or other equipment to isolate only the jack. Damage is far more likely with splitters and exposed wiring. Hidden wiring is difficult to replace without help. If you can’t identify the problem, and the phone attached to the phone line jack works, it is necessary to contact a professional.


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