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How to Make your HDMI Couplers and Cables Purchase

Aug 9, 2012

The rapid rate of technological advances in both video and sound makes amazing things possible with home theaters. These advances come at a cost. It is often difficult to find the right connections and interfaces for different brands. A few standards do exist, such as HDMI. For high-definition applications, you need HDMI cables, and an HDMI coupler comes in handy in many situations.

With only one standard and many retailers, some try to make their cables sound better than others. Also, many cables and HDMI female to female couplers are made overseas, which leads to misleading descriptions of the product. 

hdmi cables and couplers

Follow these two basic rules when purchasing cables for your system.

Backward Compatibility

HDMI cables are all compatible with older high-definition equipment. This means that purchasing newer cables provides increased and longer-lasting compatibility. Standard HDMI is perfect for most applications. If you are pushing the pixels necessary for streaming BluRay, you’ll need a high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet.

Avoid Gimmicks

Cables cannot be infected with a virus or parasite. A cable really is a cable. Standard cables will not lose bandwidth over an HDMI female to female coupler, so you don’t need high-speed cables for standard applications. You may need an HDMI coupler to extend reach, but bandwidth of existing equipment is the only variable worth considering.




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