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Road Trip Tips: Cables You Need to Keep in the Trunk

Jul 18, 2012

Jumper cables? Check. Of course you have those, but do you have audio cables, power cables, and all the rest? Summer is the time for road trips, holiday getaways, and cabin weekend trips. Whether you want to cut off from the world on vacation or plan to enjoy the amenities (but hopefully not plan on working from home!) it’s easy to forget an essential.

power adapter - power strip - triangle cables

For the road:

Adapters and car chargers. If you’re using a cigarette lighter adapter for the car, you can use any cable with a USB end to charge your cell phone or camera. USB converters can help connect other devices that didn’t come with a standard USB type cable for charging. Make sure everyone in the car has their own headphones to enjoy for a really long trip! Also, remember a doc to rest your iPod, cell phone, or other in use items so they’re safely tethered.

For the vacation home:

Cables are inexpensive, so rather than risk leaving behind a pair and needing to pack extra, get chargers just for the vacation home. That means power strips as well. You should also stock up on standard appliances. Rather than permanently place any cable lines, use a removable tape like gaffer’s tape to bind cables and keep them out of the way.

For overseas:

If you’re a frequent flyer, you already know, but first time travelers will need to stock up on adapters and chargers for overseas outlets. Remember spare batteries for any devices you can’t get a new charger for.


Where do you plan to go this summer? Are you bringing Triangle Cables with you?

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