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A TV for Every Room

Jun 29, 2012


TV has become a major part of our lives. The average adult watches four hours of television each day. With that said, it seems as though it would be the most convenient option to have a television in every room of your home. This is may sound unlikely, but TVs have been making their way into more and more rooms of the average home over the years.

triangle cables tv satellite parts and equiptmentTelevisions have been extending from the bedrooms, family room and living rooms into other areas of the home, including the kitchen, patio area, even the bathroom. Ever wish you could follow along with the cooking show while making that certain recipe in the kitchen or watch the morning news or sports show while enjoying your coffee on the indoor patio? Triangle Cables is here to help you make that a reality. We now offer satellite multiswitches and satellite splitters to make sure that you get all your favorite channels on the new televisions you add around your house. Whether your new television is in the patio, basement, kitchen, or office, our satellite multiswitches allow independent operation of numerous satellite receivers using a single dish, perfect for your many TVs. They are also suitable with DirecTV and HDTV, so you get the best channels on every TV in your home

Our satellite splitters and satellite multiswitches can also help improve the overall quality of your TV. Don’t worry about the many expenses involved in upgrading your satellite or using it in multiple televisions throughout your home. Just shop for an affordable selection of TV satellite multiswitches, mounts, and many other parts and accessories.

How many TVs do you have in your home? How many do you wish you had?

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