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Our Favorite Summer Projects: Den/Living Room Improvements

Jun 22, 2012


Summer is the time for making everything better at the home. It’s the perfect time to remodel a room, repaint and leave the windows wide open. This summer we plan to go over simple renovations and improvements for every room of the house, how to get the right cables for the job and make a quick fix when necessary. This week we’re focusing on the home office area.

TriangleCables - organized computer room.jpgRedoing the Computer Room

Tired of staring at a screen all day? Brighten the room with a lighter color carpet and walls, so things aren’t so gloomy. Rearrange the room so when sitting at a computer, you face a window. This way you still have a connection to the outdoors.

Get organized. It doesn’t cost a lot to go through the old filing and storage cabinets and make space for what’s actually needed. Make sure that all of your labels are accurate and up to date. Don’t throw additional items into a drawer if they don’t belong there. Invest in new storage racks, such as

Set up the technology first aid kit. Running to the store for a new router or speakers is silly when you could get the right items from the start and quickly assess the situation and identify the problem. Make sure you have additional Ethernet cables on hand, cable tester to identify the problem and crimpers and tools to fix the problem.

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