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Fix it Up: Dad’s Testers and Tools for Any Problem

Jun 14, 2012

Some Dad’s are the duck tape and super glue sort, where any and every problem can be solved with just a little sweat, grease and tape. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, a broken door, a leaky faucet, or even a loose thread. Other Dad’s appreciate using the right tools to solve every problem. Methodical, organized, he’ll fix the problem and do it right the first time so it won’t have to be ‘patched up’ every month or so with new tape.

trianglecables-service tool kit

For the Dad who is always on the ball, make sure his tool box is filled with all of the essentials this Sunday for Father’s Day, and every day you need to call on him.

Testers and Tools – Don’t risk electrical shock or unnecessary work when there are faulty or potentially bad wires at risk! The right testers will let him know exactly where the problem is.

Tool kits – Does Dad deserve a new toolkit or chest to hold all of his handy helpers in? A new chest will look great in the garage, and keep all the small bits nice and organized. Or maybe he needs a new complete service tool kit to do the job!

Power, & More Power – Dad should have the power to do whatever he needs and wants. Power extension cords are one of the most handy things you could ever give Dad. More power is better! 

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