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Fun Summer Video and Audio Projects

Jun 7, 2012

This summer don’t trap yourself inside just because that’s where the air conditioning is. With a few home improvements, new audio video cables, and time, you can make your summer spectacular with air conditioner free entertainment.

TriangleCables-outdoor media projects.jpg

Have an old overhead projector?

Rather than toss it, transform your own overhead video projector for big screen projections. You can take your old projector, transform it and with a power cable sit it outdoors so it can project into a large sheet or painted wall. What do you need:

  •  LCD Flat Screen
  • Overhead projector
  • Tool kit
  •   And to watch this video!

Want to redo the basement?

If even your summer nights are sweltering, it’s time to retreat to the basement where things will be cooler with a lot less effort and costs. If your basement is currently being used for storage or is unused, clear out the old or reorganize to transform your basement into an entertainment center.

  • Before bringing any equipment down, make sure your place is mildew resistant.
  • Run any wires down from upstairs and be sure to cover any new outlets or wires with wall plates and a fresh coat of paint to impress the guests.
  • If you’re looking for theatre style comfort, get a large screen and comfy couches to make the seating. If not, scope the yard sales for a large TV to put in downstairs for your heat escape!

Run a lower electric bill by entertaining outside or downstairs where the heat isn’t needed. What other projects do you have planned for the summer?




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