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Monitors Got You Down?

May 22, 2009

Television shows everyday are becoming readily available online; from new shows, to old shows, to exclusive online content. And while downloading movies can be effortless, it’s hard to enjoy a movie with the whole family or a bunch of friends on a small screen. For those with laptops the ease of online viewing can seem perfect, yet crowding around one computer monitor is still uncomfortable. Those in the working world might find themselves lacking with the space their one monitor affords them. With the right equipment however, you can utilize your television and computer and watch your downloaded movies and shows on the big screen.

computer monitor

There are many options for streaming from your PC to your television, depending on your system and solution here’s a few types of solutions we’d suggest for adapting one or more screens to your PC:

Some adapters can be used to hook up multiple screens to your PC or gaming system for the ultimate in gaming experiences. Don’t be limited by the size of your monitor, adapt!

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