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College Graduation Gifts and Tips: from HMDI Cables to Tape!

May 18, 2012

It’s not just high school grads who need a gift bag when they move up and onwards! College graduates often move into their first apartment or first not-so great apartment once they leave the nest and start to live a life in the real world. Lend a helping hand by preparing these graduates with the tools they need to survive in the real world.

hdmi cablesHere are few things to put on your college graduate  gift shopping list:

Protective pieces. Keystone inserts for those shady rooms with exposed wall plate units. There’s nothing more dangerous than exposed wiring or holes, so make sure that your graduate is safe with covered jacks.

The perfect entertainment system. Was a new flat screen TV and BluRay player on the graduate gift list? Remember to get them all the necessary mounting equipment and cables to connect it all. HDMI cables are always a must for the newest media systems!

Tape, tape, lots of tape. Electrical tape, duck tape, masking tape, they’re all essentials at some point. Buy yourself packing tape so you can send lots of care packages their way!

Tiny toolkits. While toolboxes are typically a ‘new couple,’ ‘new house,’ or wedding present, a smaller starter toolkit will go a long way for a new apartment. Screws, hammers, tape measure, and any other basics can help add comfort to the new place. 

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