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High School Graduation Gifts and Tips: from HMDI Wall Plates to Audio Splitters

May 9, 2012

A big hurrah and congrats to all of the 2012 graduates out there! There’s so much to be proud of, from working hard in classes to all of the hard work that so many graduates are doing after classes as well to expand their high school resume. There are so many classes to prepare a high school graduate for college classes, but few really touch on what’s needed for the college life.

From Ethernet cables to shower caddies, the shopping list for college can seem endless. That’s why we’ve put together a perfect Triangle Cables ‘off to college’ gift list for the grad in your life.

- Spare roll of duck tape and electrical tape for an emergencies that might crop up.

- A long and short length of Ethernet cables. One for the dorm and a spare one is handy for hooking up to the internet in the study hall or library if there’s no wireless.

- Expect your new grads to be printing lots of papers, so load them up with printer ink cartridges.

USB cables are essential to so many devices, a spare USB for charging the cell phone or transferring files for a presentation can be a lifesaver!

Catch us next week as we go over the top tips for college graduates as they move into off campus housing and great ideas for a graduate’s first apartment!

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