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The Next Generation of HDMI

May 22, 2009

Several sites last week release details of the next version of the HDMI cable specification, one that will have Ethernet capabilities built in – but the group responsible for the spec isn’t verifying any of those details.

HDMI Licensing LLC in January issued a press release saying that "high-speed data" via Ethernet would be consolidated into the next version of the cable, alongside HD video and audio. Other features that the group did promise in January include better performance, a new connector for in-car audio and video, and a new smaller connector. However, new reports with more details are causing confusion. New statements are now saying that the next HDMI would include an Ethernet channel to deliver data, however, the speeds may come in two different rates – something that could be very confusing for consumers.

What’s really going on? We can only hope now that HDMI Licensing will step forward and clear things up before we start to panic over the next generation of HDMI technology. After all, shouldn’t this be an easy transition?

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