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Smart Printing Adapters, Habits & Tips

Apr 26, 2012

If we had a nickel for every time we heard someone complain about their printer not working, running out of ink, or experiencing issues, we would be able to buy all of those people a trip to Disneyland to unwind. Even as we find newer and better ways to print documents, there are still so many things that can go wrong. That’s why we follow these simple and handy tips to make every printing process simple and easy.


Don’t be this guy, follow these tips!

  • - Clean out your printer. Yes, this sounds crazy but if you notice things like smearing on your papers with a new ink cartridge, the solution is as simple as checking the protective tape over the printer.
  • - Dust and detangle your printer power cables and printer adapters, not just for presentation but also so your cables aren’t put under unnecessary stress and kinks.
  • - Make sure all computers are set to the correct default printer. All computers should be printing to the nearest printers, which keeps any one printer from being overtaxed with too many jobs lined up.
  • - Preserve your ink by printing in black and white when you don’t need color to be printed.
  • - Always have back up ink cartridges on hand so you’re never stuck making a list minute trip to the store for new ones!

There are so many things we can all do to make printing easier in our lives. Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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