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Save the Earth with Low Profile Port Savers!

Apr 19, 2012


Of course there are hundreds of ways to help save our planet and save electricity. Today we’d like to share one great way to save energy in your home. By using low profile port savers you can eliminate stress on your parallel ports, game ports and monitor ports. If your game cables are not stressed then neither is our earth while fighting off harmful pollutants.

low-profile-port-saver tips for earth dayHow are these connected?

When we plug something into the wall or create tension in our cables we may think of it as a harmless act. We don’t see or smell any pollution occurring, but it is happening. The pollution isn’t occurring directly at the site of the cable, but at the power plant.

Every time you turn on an electronic device in your home you send some pollution into the air. Actually, your home pollutes more than the average car. So next time you’re thinking about saving a dollar you are really saving our planet’s air and water as well.

At we have a great selection of port savers to help eliminate stress on your cables, wallet, and our earth! What a simple and affordable way to relieve so much stress in your life! Next time you are fighting off super villains on your game console think about all the evil pollutants you are fighting off just by using a low profile port saver. 

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