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Terminate Bad Data at the Source with SCSI Terminators

Apr 13, 2012



Tired of poor data connections? We’re not sure why you’ve waited to long, costs, other business, or just getting around to finding a solution, but we’re glad that you’ve come to the conclusion that the only good data is strong data.

SCSI terminatorsWhat does this mean?

Centronics SCSI devices require reliable connections, especially if you’ve recently upgraded your equipment to SCSI-3 devices. This means you need active SCSI terminators that will ensure that your data isn’t reflecting back and forth, risking the integrity of the data.

What else can I do to improve office functions?

Check the rest of the equipment to see whether all devices, cords, cables, and software are up to date and compatible. Have you been waiting around to download the latest version of your software? Wait no more for that bug free version.

Get the whole office involved in Organize your Files Week. Go through to find any documents that can be thrown away, shredded and recycled. If you don’t have archives already, create storage for dated materials that you don’t necessarily need on hand. Categorize these documents to be referenced for later use. Do the same for computer files, which will free up loads of space on the server most likely

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