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Can you see what I See? Monitor Cables Make the Connections Easy!

Mar 30, 2012

monitor adapter

What you see is what you get with your monitors and video cables. But what about when you want to show other people what you’re seeing? There are so many business and personal applications for video program and these days you want cross compatibility between all of your devices.

Want to see the cable on the big screen? Split your signals? Just take a look at your current video display set up and ask yourself, is it doing what you need it to do today and what you’ll want it to do in a week?

composite RCA adapterSplit the signal? There are many adapters and cables that will connect two untraditional devices, letting your show off a presentation to everyone, or improve your productivity with two monitors. Rather than getting a new system, just get another monitor and a Y splitter monitor adapter. If you want to take your camera, DVD player, or other RCA device onto the big screen, you may even need a composite RCA adapter.

Make the video connections you want, with the devices and monitors of your choice by smartly arranging with video adapters, splitters and extensions. Why transfer files, email presentations or continually burn DVD’s when it can be as simple as hooking in a different cable when you want? See where all the smart video decisions come from at 

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