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Hubs for a Hubby –Find Easter Gifts for Him!

Mar 22, 2012


Is he the fixer upper? The technophile? Or maybe just a technophobe? Whether he’s never rewired a cable in his life or is always improving the home, there’s a video or audio tool that will make your man’s day even easier. (Plus, some video cables to make it more vibrant!) Add more color to his Easter morning with one of these smart gift ideas.

The Tech Lovin’ Dad – He’s got more gadgets than he can count. This means he needs more power outlets, and more USB 2.0 outlets which are satisfied with a four port USB hub, letting him connect many more of his USBs. A new gadget will go great in his Easter basket too!

four port USB hub

The DIY Dad – For Easter this year, add a little color with an audio or RCA wall plate to make his cable and cords all neat and tidy. (Also, this gives him a fun new project to work on!) Get him a new tool belt and shiny hammer for his basket as well!

The Techno-Feared Dad – Technology isn’t his friend, but a few simple upgrades to his home entertainment system will be friendly! Get him the latest HDMI cables, video connections, and upgrade him to a BluRay player while you’re at it!

Of course many of these gifts are great for Moms on Easter too! Make sure that both parents get equal love this holiday from the Easter bunny – with a little help from

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