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Stressed? Stop the Cable Tension with Port Savers: Our Smart Solution of February

Feb 17, 2012

HDMI port saversWork is stressful enough so why add tension to your business situation with bent, twisted, and kinked cables. The more your business grows, the more you’ll need to have connected. Whether this means bringing internet connectivity to your flat panel monitors, syncing your computer and video displays or just adding additional USB ports to your towers, you’ll need to make smart cable decisions.

Our Smart Solution of the Month?
Port savers! Using port savers will make your cables easier to handle, set up and reduce the additional tension that makes signals loose strength faster.

  • Here’s a few port saving solutions for your business, or even office set up!
  • HDMI port savers are a must for flat panel displays. The whole point of your flat panel is to have it mounted as close to the wall as possible, leaving little room for cables. Swivel port, 90 degree and 270 degree port savers
  • Older panel displays or computer monitors will need a DVI port saver to create a snug fit that allows for different DVI connections, without lengthy cords.
  • USB ports can be few and far to reach. USB port savers make it easy to adapt to different types of USB pin cables, as well as provide that angle to make plugging into a hidden USB panel much easier.

What other smart solutions can you think of? We’ll have more for you every month here at

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