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A Valentine’s Wish: 5 Reasons We Love Component Video Cables

Feb 10, 2012

Won’t you be mine, component video cables? February is the month of love. Here’s five reasons we’re declaring our love for component video cables.component video cables

  1. Affordable and easy to upgrade. We’re not saying that these cables are like a cheap date, they’re just not high maintenance. Which we’re very thankful for on holidays like Valentine’s Day when we want them to work just right! Even when one wears down, it’s not a hassle to find a new cable, at an affordable price.
  2. Easy to match. Color coding is perhaps the sweetest thing about component video cables. When you’re working with various black cables with slightly different heads and pins, you’re going to welcome the easy color to color match for your component video cables.
  3. No tools needed. Have you ever gotten halfway through mounting or installing new hardware, only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential tool? The only thing that can possibly measure up to the sickening disappointment is…
  4. Realizing the piece doesn’t fit. The tool is wrong, the screw’s the wrong size or the placement has been misjudged. Now you’ve either got to take apart all of that work or be stuck with a halfway finished project.
  5. Triangle Cables has them all. You might call us the experienced component video cable company, and we’re not ashamed. We know our cables well, which means we offer cable splitters, wall plates, adapters, and more!

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