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Set up the Sounds for your Sultry Valentine’s Night

Feb 3, 2012

Forget Valentine’s Day, we all know that the magic happens on when the lights have gone dark, Barry Manilow is playing low, and your table is set for dinner on Valentine’s night. If you want to build a really romantic night, and then make it special by surprising that special someone with music where it’s least expected. With the right stereo adapters you’ll be able to rearrange and bring the music to you, rather than have to make your way to where the music is. What do you need for this big romantic gesture?stereo adapters

  1. First, pick your perfect place. Do you want to make music play outside as the lights flash on? Maybe you want to bring the stereo speakers into the kitchen to roll out as you bring out the desert?
  2. Next, figure out what kind of connectors your speakers use. Most likely you’re looking to extend your universal f type connectors, with a 3.5mm 1/8 inch cables. These stereo adapters are common and easily found at You can even hook your existing speakers up to your iPod with the stereo adapters, so there are fewer wires to manage.
  3. Finally, set up when your Valentine’s date isn’t home, as quickly and quietly as possible. That way it’s a complete surprise!

Make the music happen on Valentine’s night wherever you like. Set up a stunning surround system with stereo adapters for your musical bliss.

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