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DisplayPort Adapters Fix all your High Def Problems

Jan 26, 2012

The world of monitors is constantly improving. One way to stay up is to get the monitors that are better than the most popular and really high performing, like DisplayPort monitors. If you have a DisplayPort monitor for your computer you already know about the rich visual experience, crystal clear and the one clear downside, the DisplayPort… port. While it’s ideal for your computer, the monitor is actually pretty usable for other media devices and applications with the right DisplayPort adapters.

Once you hook up your DisplayPort to say, your DVD player, you’ll love the look on your DisplayPort monitor. So what other uses can you get out of your Display Port?

Get the most use with multi-media use

  • Connect to a gaming system, media player, or any other HDMI output with the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. You can play your video games, watch movies or view television all from the same monitor you work on. For homes, this reduces the space taken up by various monitors and screens, and at the office this allows you to perform multiple media presentations.
  • You can also use a DisplayPort to VGA adapter to connect to computers using the more typical VGA connection.

Have you considered the DisplayPort monitors or have one? How do you like it?

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