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Are you a Video, Audio & Computer Cable Hoarder? A 4 Question Quiz

Jan 20, 2012

They’re out there, lurking, sneaking and sulking about.


No, it’s not a TV reality show, but a condition. It’s not serious, but it will affect your television and music habits.

computer  cablesDo you live with a cable hoarder or are you one?

We’ve crafted together this easy question and answer to determine if you are in fact a cable hoarder.

Q 1 – Are there audio cables running from your television or media boxes that aren’t actually connected to anything?
Q2 – Is there a box filled with cables you don’t ever use anymore, but think “I might need this someday?”
Q3 – Are you still holding onto cables that you don’t even know what they are, never mind what they were ever used for?
Q4 – Are you ‘Mcgyver’ing adapters, cables, tape and maybe a paper clip or two to have your network or entertainment system up and running?

If you said yes to most of these questions, then you are, very likely a cable hoarder. If you passed, and are not a hoarder, test the other people in your house. Someone else may very likely be a cable hoarder, in which case you can refer them to the care and concern of We have the cables to solve you cable issues, with the right sizes cables for your situation or adapter to create a safe and functional connection.

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