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Tidy You, a Better Year with Triangle Cables and RG-6 Video Cables

Jan 13, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions give us reason to try better and harder. Many customers all write the same things on their lists:RG-6 video cables

-Organize my cables and cords.

-Keep a tidier home and home entertainment center.

We’d love to help make these goals come true, with these simple and easy tips.

-Dust off, clean out, and reorganize cables. Unhook all your electronic boxes, such as the cable, DVD player, music player, satellite box, etc., and give them a thorough cleaning with pressurized air to get deep inside. While unhooked, unravel and unkink any cables that may have gotten twisted over the year as new devices were added.

-Measure and make the right RG-6 video cables selections. You want cables that fit the entertainment system you have, without tangling, wrapping around each other or not quite reaching. Adapters help when you don’t have the length, but are unnecessary when you can get different lengths of video cables that actually meet your needs.

Make your home entertainment system really something to be jealous of – and easy to clean. Get all the right lengths and adapters for your RG-6 video cables and more at – your place for New Year’s Resolutions solutions.

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