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ColoRCAsted Because of RCA Cables

Jan 6, 2012

When hooking up a new television or other electronic device did you find yourself using color coding plugs and cables to match their jacks in your new electronic device? These colorful cables just so happen to be extremely important to the functionality of your favorite electronics. From televisions to high tech digital cameras, color coded cables make everything easier and give you the connections you need!

What kind of cables are typically color coded?RCA composite cables
Many cables are color coded to make installation easy, but the ones we’re going to talk about today are called RCA composite cables. They are those three-headed cables with colored heads that match to the colored jacks in the back of your device. You may not realize what these three little plugs do for your device so let us explain for you.

The yellow plug is for composite video. Red is for the right channel of audio. Lastly the black or white cable is used for the left audio channel. Together they give you a clear picture and crystal clear audio surround sound.

RCA video cables are another type of color coded cable that are most commonly used for DVD players, high red TVs, computer monitors, plasma displays, etc.
Look out for these colored jacks on the items such as:

  • Televisions
  • Game Systems
  • Stereos
  • DVD Players
  • Camcorders
  • Digital Cameras

Next time you’re hooking up an electronic device with RCA cables you too can show off your knowledge of those three colors!

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